Value A House


Finding out the value of your house is very important if you plan on selling your home fast and for top dollar.  This is a buyer’s market and you must play the game right or your house will be sitting on the real estate market for a long time.

Value A House has many tools and calculators to help you determine the value of your house in seconds.  The tools below will help you find out how much your home is really worth and what you can expect to sell it for in today’s market.

The house value estimators below will require you to enter basic information about your home.  Once you do this it will show you comparable home sales in your area.  This is very important when deciding how much to list your home for.  Many people look around in the neighborhood to see how much others are listing their home for.  This is a bad idea.  You want to list your home for slightly less than what they have been actually selling for.  That’s correct, less. 


When you price your home slightly less than what others will pay, it opens up your home for many more buyers.  The more buyers you have the more likely you will get multiple offers and the selling price will most likely go up with the bids.


You can also you the agent bidding tool which will get local real estate agents to bid for your business.  This could save you thousands of dollars in commissions and help you find the right real estate agent to sell your home.


Value A House